Stick Waffle Maker For Sale | CHROMECATER BG-LW


Stick Waffle Maker For Sale In South Africa | BG-LW CHROMECATER Stick Waffle Machine:

  • Power Supply: 220Volt /50hz
  • Power Consumption: 1.75Kw
  • Dimensions: 410mm x 305mm x 240mm
  • Packaging: 450mm x 350mm x 280mm
  • N.W: 12.2kg
  • G.W: 13.5kg
  • 12 Month Carry In Warranty
  • T & C’s Apply

ChromeCater Lolly Stick Waffle Maker For Sale South Africa!

Stick Waffle Maker For Sale in South Africa! ChromeCater Waffle on a Stick Machine…

Stick Waffle Maker For Sale South Africa | ChromeCater Waffle on a Stick Baker Supplier | Where to Buy Lolly Waffle & Stick Waffle Machine Near Me | #1 BEST ChromeCater Supplier in South Africa at a Low Price…

#1 BEST Supplier of ChromeCater STICK WAFFLE MAKER for Sale in Pretoria, South Africa. Making Stick Waffles has never been this easy with a ChromeCater Waffle on a stick maker by Smart Candy! Smart Candy’s ChromeCater Waffle-Stick Maker makes it easy to create stick waffles in minutes. The ChromeCater BG-LW Waffle-Stick Maker features adjustable temperature control, heavy duty non-stick plates and can be used as a semi industrial Waffle Maker. The BG-LW ChromeCater Lolly Waffle Baker is very easy to clean.

Did you know? Waffles don’t need to be unhealthy. You can cut down on the sugar and oil with our amazing waffle makers and top them with loads of fresh fruit and more. Otherwise you can just enjoy a waffle covered with amazing chocolate dip, ice cream and some mini astro’s or smarties.

Use full tips:
1. Use our AMAZING Waffle Mix and serve with fruit, ice cream, chocolate, syrups and more, coat in chocolate and add sprinkles, mini bingo’s or best of all dip in Chocolate – Also Supplied by Smart Candy.
2. Waffle Sticks can be reheated by placing them in the preheated waffle-stick maker for 1-2 minutes or microwave them to heat t back up.
3. When preparing the batter, do not overmix it or the waffle sticks will become tough and heavy. Non-stick coating plates. Makes 4 waffle sticks at a time. Lid latches easily.
Contact us today: 072 609 0186. Made in PRC to our specifications. The product illustrated may vary slightly from the actual product due to continued product Improvement.

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