Caramel Fudge Frappe: Slush Powder Mix 1kg:
1kg Makes +-4.5L to 5L of Caramel Fudge Frappe Slush Syrup
(1kg Caramel Fudge Mix + 2L Water + 2L Full Cream Milk)
Amount of Servings:
5L (5000ml) Slush Mix Divided by Cup Size eg:
5000ml ÷ 250ml Cup20x 250ml Servings
5000ml ÷ 350ml Cup = 14x 350ml Servings
5000ml ÷ 500ml Cup10x 500ml Servings
Cost Per Serving (Excluding Cup):
20x 250ml ServingsR150.00 ÷ 20x Cups = R7,50 per 250ml of Slush Mix
14x 350ml ServingsR150.00 ÷ 14x Cups = R10,75 per 350ml of Slush Mix
10x 500ml ServingsR150.00 ÷ 10x Cups = R15,00 per 500ml of Slush Mix

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